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May 18th – May 20th, 2022

What Is the 100k To Invest Summit?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve brought together some of the most successful Fund Managers, Owner/Operators, and Passive Investors to ask them ONE big question…

If You Had $100,000 to Invest RIGHT NOW, Where Would You Invest and Why?

The result is a highly curated list of interviews, each focusing on ONE investment niche which some of the most influential figures in the space are allocating their hard-earned capital to.

Grab your FREE ticket below and learn how the experts plan to Protect, Grow, and Multiply their portfolios during this incredible economic opportunity. 
For those that don’t know me…

I’m Hunter Thompson, and I have invested in over 35 passive syndications.

Not only that, through my company, Asym Capital, I’ve allocated over $50,000,000 of investor capital to…
  • Multifamily
  • Mobile home parks
  • Self-storage
  • ​ATM Machines
  • ​Retail
  • ​Office
  • ​Industrial
  • ​And much more!
I’ve seen a LOT in this industry… 

But the economic winds are shifting…

In the wake of 2020 alone, central banks across the globe created more than TEN TRILLION DOLLARS

$10,000,000,000,000 USD

…all out of thin air.

This is a MASSIVE moment as an investor.

Why does this matter?

First of all…

Especially going forward…


Inflation is coming, and those who are interested in protecting their wealth MUST be invested to thrive.

Second of all…

This macroeconomic quantum shift is creating a tidal wave of liquidity, which is surging through the economic system, searching for yield and favorable investment opportunities.

Once this surge of liquidity hits the financial system in full force, those holding the most desirable quality assets in SOME niches could see their valuations skyrocket.

But, this reality won’t be good for everyone…

In fact, it will create a massive divide between the “haves” and the “have nots.”

The rich are about to get richer, and the poor are about to get poorer…

…and I want you to be on the winning side of that equation.


Navigating these choppy investment waters isn’t easy.

What strategies are best positioned to produced outsized returns over the next 3-5 years…

…and which ones should you be staying away from?

I needed specific answers to these questions, because I want to capitalize on what’s to come.

This is why I took it upon myself to create the $100K to Invest Summit.

I wanted to pull back the curtains of what the ELITE managers, sponsors, and investors are doing to protect, grown and multiply their portfolios and capitalize on this incredible opportunity.

When I started these sessions, I made sure each expert understood there would be NO…

  • 15-minute intros about their personal life
  • Fluffy conversations with no real ACTIONABLE advice
  • Long, drawn out pitches (without any pushback) 

Just actionable investment content about ONE niche that they love.

And the results were amazing!

In fact, during the interviews, I realized something…

Each investment niche could be placed into one of the three main buckets of wealth creation…




To achieve the kind of wealth I know you are pursuing, you must be able to have some capital allocated to each of these investment strategy buckets.

The 22 niches we review in the $100K to Invest Summit provide you with the opportunity to get some exposure to all three.

This is why I am SO excited to grant you access to this summit.

Each day, we’ll focus on the specific niches that fit within one of the three investment buckets.

Day 1: Protect

“The first rule of investing is don’t lose money.” – Warren Buffet

We’re going to start out with investments that focus on downside protection. These are the tried-and-true investment niches in all stages of the economic cycle.
  • Recession-resistant assets
  • Focus on cash flow
  • Existing supply/demand imbalance

Day 2: Grow

Not only must we beat inflation, but we also owe it to ourselves to thrive. This is where we are going to dive into strategies that can supercharge your existing portfolio.
  • Real estate development
  • BOOMING markets
  • Advanced tax abatement strategies

Day 3: Multiply

Once you have a solid foundation, and you’re confident your future expenses will be paid off…Upside potential is the name of the game.
  • Crypto funds
  • Buying existing businesses
  • Opportunities based on potential changing dynamics
By the End of the Three-Day Summit, You’ll have the FULL, A-Z Playbook for Investing In Today’s Environment.

So, WHO are these Fund Managers, Owner/Operators, and Passive Investors that are going to reveal all of their investing secrets?

John Chang

Economic Indicators Across the Top 5 Assets Classes

Hunter Thompson

Yield Curve Inversions, Inflation, and Rising Interest Rates...What They Mean for YOU

Zach Haptonstall

Investing in the HOTTEST Market In the US

Dan Handford

The Playbook for Investing In A-Class Late In the Cycle

Brett Swarts

The MOST Powerful & Flexible Tax Deferral Strategy Almost No One Understands 

Bridger Pennington

Is This the Future of Crypto and Hedgefunds?

Logan Freeman

Retail and Office Are NOT Dead...Here's Why

Dr. Peter Kim

Achieving Lucrative Cash Flow Through Mineral Rights

Jeremy Roll

The 3 Passive Investor Buckets (And How You Can Invest In Them)

Ben Fraser

Buying Highly Discounted, Non-Performing Notes During Uncertain Times

Ryan Gibson

$400,000,000 of Self-Storage Secrets

Brian Spear

Investing In the ONE Asset Class With 300% Y-O-Y Growth

David Coe

Incurring Development Risk for Potential Fortunes

Tyler Lyons

How to Stay Invested WITHOUT Praying and Spraying

Evan Holladay

Solving the Affordable Housing Crises Through LITC Development

Brian Chou

Protecting Your ASSETS through Trusts (While Avoiding Probate!)

Moran Pober

Playing the BIG Game: How to Aquire High Cash Flowing Businesses

Beth Mace

Understanding the Economics of Senior Living in a Post-Covid World

Michael Flight

Bringing MASSIVE Liquidity to Real Estate Through Blockchain Technology

MC Laubscher

The Ultimate Guide to Infinite Banking 

Our Speakers Have Been Featured In...

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What do you think?
Are you ready to surf this tidal wave all the way to multi-generational wealth?
Or…Are you going to be one of the many investors who lets this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity pass you by?

Surf’s up.
PS: Just to recap…

When you register for the $100k to Invest Summit (for FREE), you’ll get access to all my interviews with more than 22 of the Fund Managers, Owner/Operators, and Passive Investors across dozens of investment niches.

They’re sharing the ONE KEY NICHE they use to ensure they Protect, Grow, and Multiply their portfolios during these uncertain times.

Who’s Your Host?

Hunter is a full-time real estate investor and founder of Asym Capital, a private equity firm based out of Los Angeles, CA.

Since founding Asym Capital, he allocated over $50,000,000 of investor capital to well over $100,000,000 of multifamily apartments, mobile home parks, office space, ATM machines, bitcoin mining funds, and various other popular niches.

Hunter is also the host of the popular Cash Flow Connections Real Estate Podcast which has received over 1,000,000 downloads.
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